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Soils, Mulches & Barks

We can supply a wide range of soils, mulches and barks to create healthy gardens and lawns. All products are available by the bag, bucket, trailer or truckload. Our friendly staff are available to help you select the right product to suit your gardening needs.

The range includes:

  • Green tree mulch – small chips and leaf litter
  • Hardwood Chip – Great value for money, ground cover for weed control and moisture retention. Widely used in larger, rustic styled gardens.
  • Hardwood Fines – Shredded hardwood.
  • Cypress Chip – Termite resistant. Ideal in any garden and great for those slightly more budget conscious or looking for a rich gold colour in their garden to compliment their chosen plants or landscaped area. Great in large areas and for larger landscaping jobs whilst still wanting a good quality finish.
  • Red Diamond Cypress Chip – Cypress pine wood chip is termite resistant and gives a great vibrant colour to any garden.
  • Cypress Bark mulch – long lasting and retains moisture as well as its colour for longer. Naturally fragrant smelling and termite resistant. Suppresses weed growth, improves soil structure and worm activity.
  • Tea Tree mulch – is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potash which breaks down fairly quickly to feed plants. Good moisture retention. Normally lasts up to 12 months.
  • Pine Bark – is available in 15mm and 25mm chips. Extremely long lasting, very low maintenance and easy to handle.
  • Sugar Cane Mulch – Organic, multi-purpose and great value for any mulching needd. Breaks down quickly, releasing nitrogen. Widely used in vegetable gardens. Great for all gardens and potted plants. Two sized compressed bale cover 7m2 or 9m2.
  • Budget Mix – general purpose soil mix
  • Top Soil – sandy loam, great for natives and turf underlay
  • Premium Garden Mix – rich in organic matter
  • Top Dressing – contains nitro humus. Nutrient-rich top dressing
  • Veggie Mix – a blend of garden mix and our own cow/mushroom compost blend, sit back
  • and watch your veggies grow!
  • Potting Mix – general mix suitable for most plants, you add your own fertilisers

We also have Firewood available. Sold in Bulk, by the trailer load or by the bag. We Keep your home warm during those cold nights, turn your outdoor area into a nice warm entertaining space or fire up your outdoor pizza oven. Bagged kindling is also available.

We have a courtesy trailer available, enquire about availability before your visit.


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