Gravels & Rocks

We have many varieties of ‘gravel’ to suit your every need, from blue aggregate to lovely smooth river pebble. Gravel is used for decoration, drainage, pathways, driveways and in many domestic and commercial applications including the making of concrete. We can offer you stones by the truckload, trailer/ute load or by the bag.
Our range includes aggregates of blue quarry, off white, smokey quartz and white scoria and river pebbles of varying sizes.

Looking for something to use for retaining that will last forever? We have the answer. As well as retaining walls, rocks are great for drainage, building features in your garden (like a waterfall), up the sides of footpaths and driveways, around garden beds, gabion baskets – the list goes on! Our range includes sandstone, blue quarry rock and gabion rock. Come in today and see the full range.

Road Base
Road base is a well-graded material consisting of various sized particles containing coarse and fine aggregate to enable compaction. We sell a Quarry Road Base of 20mm.

We supply grey blocks (full and half) and Apex blocks.


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